Sake & Craft Beer

Nemoto Brewery

Nemoto Brewery

~Sake of SAMURAI~

Nemoto brewery was established in 1603 when the Edo(Tokugawa) period starts. The ancestors of the representative director of Nemoto brewery were working as Japanese peculiar soldiers "SAMURAI". But they decided to make Sake then. They got the gold prize by "International Wine Challenge 2009" as a member of "SAKE SAMURAI".

(about 30-minute drive)

Nemoto BreweryNemoto BreweryNemoto BreweryNemoto Brewery

Craft Beer of Kiuchi Brewery

Kiuchi Brewery

~Excellent taste the world admits~

Kiuchi brewery has been making Sake since 1823. Strong taste, elegant deliciousness, the Sakes move your heart. "Seishu Kikumori" is a traditional sake. It wins the gold prize many times in many contests. "Kiuchi Umeshu" also received the recognition of the best plum liquor in Japan in 2009.

(about 80-minute drive)

Kiuchi BreweryKiuchi BreweryKiuchi breweryKiuchi brewery

Daigo Brewery

Daigo Brewery

~Local beer which can be drunk only in Daigo~

Daigo brewery is the restaurant where local beer is being produced and sold. Meister in Germany met spring water in Daigo suitable for beer making, and most high-quality local beer was born. 4 kinds of beer, Pilsner, Weizen, Helles and seasonal limitation season beer, can be tasted.

(about 20-minute drive)

Daigo Brewery