World Heritage

Map(Nikko Toshogu Shrine)

~Dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu~

Nikko Toshogu shrine is decorated with luxurious sculpture and vivid colors. It was built by the topflight architects and craftsmen of all Japan at a huge cost . Wonderful technology of arts and crafts can be seen in 'Nemuri-neko(sleeping cat)' which symbolizes peace, 'Naki-ryu(crying dragon)' on the ceiling which cries when you clap your hands, etc.

(about 2-hour drive)

Nikko Toshogu ShrineNikko Toshogu ShrineNemuri-neko(sleeping cat)Nikko

Tomioka Silk Mill

Map(Tomioka Silk Mill)

~The factory which has contributed greatly
  to the industrial innovation of silk~

Tomioka Silk Mill was built by French technology in 1872. It was almost maximum scale of the world as a silk mill at that time. The buildings including reeling plants constructed with timber frames and bricks are still left in good condition. It was registered as the world heritage in June, 2014.

(about 3-hour drive)

Tomioka Silk MillTomioka Silk Mill

Mt. Fuji

Map(Mt. Fuji)

~Widely known as a symbol of Japan~

Mt. Fuji(3,776m) is the highest mountain in Japan. The shape of the skirt is spread in left and right lengthily and is very beautiful. The wonderful and beautiful scenery seen from a far place has been a subject of various works. The abundant nature and the beautiful scenery has been related with culture, belief, and sense of beauty for Japanese.

(about 5-hour drive)

Mt. FujiMt. Fuji